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About Us

Hello, and welcome to MTR Designs web site.

My name is Marcos, I am a retired mechanical engineer.

During my 40+ years long career I have worked as a machinist, design engineer, engineering supervisor and manager in the consumer goods, automotive components, military equipment, nuclear energy, mining and food industries.

Throughout this time my real passion has always been creating and building new products.

To fight the withdrawal symptoms resulting from moving to more managerial and less hands-on activities at work I started to design and manufacture things to make my wife’s and my lives easier at home.

Obvious things like a kit to convert our lawn mower from pull start to electric start, and an accessory to turn a power drill into an impact wrench were first.

Then desktop 3D printers became affordable. Great, now I was no longer limited to things that could only be turned or milled out of wood or metal bars. A whole new world of possibilities opened up.

Again, I started out with the obvious: A flexible cover for my cell phone, hummingbird feeders, toys for the dog (which succumbed to his sharp teeth resulting in little plastic choke hazards, and were promptly outlawed by the wife).

Then one day my vertically challenged wife pointed out that the showerhead was too high and I made a support to hang it lower for her – meeting her specifications that it shouldn’t require drilling holes in the wall nor the use of glue or Command Strips.

And that was the genesis of MTR Designs:

I decided to offer for sale, at reasonable prices, those products that I design to address our specific needs, in the belief that if it makes our lives easier they might make other people’s lives easier as well.

I’m starting out with the two products shown on the Products page, and will be adding more periodically.

In addition to the products listed I also offer design and 3D printing services in ABS, TPU (flexible plastic) and PLA.

Thanks for visiting our web site and I hope I can make your life easier too!

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