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10 feet tall designer or technician

"Honey, you need to take a chair and adjust the humidifier setting, there is condensation forming on the windows".

That was from my vertically challenged wife, she needs a chair to reach anything that's more than 5 feet off the ground. Why would I, standing 6' 2" need a chair?

I go to the garage and look at the humidifier for the first time since we moved to this house, and then I understand why I would need a chair: The control box is 8' 9" off the ground! Yes, I actually measured it as I couldn't believe my eyes.

Well, she was right: I needed a chair, both to stand on and set the humidifier and to sit at the table and eat the crow she had just served me.

Had it been a new construction I would have called the contractor, given him/her a piece of my mind and had it fixed. As it is, this is not a new construction and I have to figure out a fix myself.

Back when I was young and had the patience for this kind of thing I would have purchased the necessary parts and would have moved that control box myself. But the truth is, I'm a cranky old man now and am happy to settle for something quick and simple that works.

As luck would have it, I still had some chain left over from my motorized shade project - discussed in my previous blogs "to servo or not to servo, that is the question" - which should just do the trick.

Off I go to the trusty old CAD and a new doohickey is created: A 3 piece knob assembly, held together with 2 stainless steel screws, to accommodate a chain. Just pull off the original knob and stick in the new, no tools or fasteners required.

I call it the Darth Vader knob.

Of course I couldn't pass the opportunity to show off my cool water softener salt level gage on the right!

One more widget added to the showroom at, in line with the idea that if it helps me it might help others as well.

Be sure to place your comments/opinions below and browse the web site for other ideas that might make your lives easier.

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