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The shower story

Once upon a time, my vertically challenged wife pointed out that our showerhead was too high for her, so I 3D printed a new support and stuck it to the wall with command strips.

Contrary to our expectations, the waterproof command strips I used only lasted a few days, after which my role changed from in-house handyman to customer complaint representative.

Something had to be done, and fast!

Command strips were no longer an option, drilling holes on the wall never has been an option. A quick trip to the local home improvement store was in order.

There I found several great looking showerhead supports with adjustable height of all shapes and sizes, in chrome, bronze, white, gold, ..., all of which requiring either drilling holes in the wall or the use of adhesives.

Then a candle lit above my head: Why not clamp a support to the existing showerhead pipe at one end and to the diverter valve knob at the other?

The 3D printer was idle, I had plenty of ABS filament, and I had the ultimate incentive: My wife cooks delicious meals when she’s happy, and I’m a schmo in the kitchen who can’t even boil a decent toast!

Off to work I went and a few days, a few yards of ABS filament and a length of PVC pipe later the final result:

2 piece clamps at the top and bottom, held together with stainless steel cap screws, and voillà: A removable, height adjustable, made to order showerhead support, not to mention a belly full of the best gourmet cooking the the US!

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