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To servo or not to servo - that is the question. 12/14 update

Well, I didn't expect to publish an update on the project so soon, but it would be funny if it weren't a setback.

For my projects I use a 25 year old CAD and FEA software that runs fine on Windows XT but won't run at all in the newer operating systems. Naturally, I still have my 25 year old Toshiba in which I run nothing but the CAD and FEA software.

Or perhaps I should say "in which I used to run the CAD and FEA software".

I believe Mr. Shakespeare might have been offended by the condescending remarks in my last blog, and cursed the project from the grave: Not only has the old Toshiba decided to terminate its relationship with the DVD drive, the 3D printer has also decided to part ways with the build plate liner.

As a result the R&D department is out of business until I learn either how to fix the Toshiba or how to use a different 3D CAD software; and the production department is running at 50% capacity, with 1 out of 2 3D printers down, until the new glass plate arrives and I confirm that it can withstand the 110 degrees C required to print ABS plastic.

Meanwhile, other developments prompted me to change the design parameters:

While working on the design I heard my wife in the kitchen expressing her bitter hatred for one particular culinary activity. I was banned from the kitchen when she realized I'm not good enough to boil a decent toast without burning the water, so I couldn't do it for her.

That means I will need to finish the shade driver soon so I can start working on the automation of that dreadful kitchen task. I find myself forced, therefore, to forfeit the joy of combining engineering, manufacturing and experimental physics to develop an inertia actuated clutch and instead settle for a servo actuated mechanism for the shade.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Shakespeare! But I will print and test the fixture to find angular acceleration, so put that in your pipe and smoke it!

This and previous blogs are in my web site Please do feel free to add your comments, suggestions or ask questions.

See you soon!

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