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What's with the mobile EKG?

Several months ago my wife saw this portable EKG monitor somewhere. A tiny little thing on which you rest your fingers and it sends your EKG to your smart phone.

One of those things that you never needed before, but now that you know it exists you can't live without, so naturally we had to have it.

A few days later the package arrives. The wife is excited with the new healthcare equipment, the dog is excited with a new cardboard box to shred to pieces, and I'm happy that it's so small it won't take up too much room when relegated to our "drawer of misfit toys".

We download the app, lay out the phone and monitor on the table, find out that neither one of us is having a heart attack (although I was not so sure about the dog, judging by his growls at that box), and walk away massaging our necks: With both the phone and EKG unit laying flat on the table, one has to stretch one's neck to be able to see the signal on the screen indicating that the fingers can be removed from the monitor.

Next step was to design and 3D print a cradle to prop the phone up to a comfortable angle and accommodate the heart monitor. And here it is:

One more product that if it helps us it might help someone else as well.

Please do feel free to add your comments, questions or suggestions!

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This is a great product, indeed!! Very easy to use, has a sleek design and looks great on the dresser! Thank you, Marcos!

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