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Arduino UNO breadboard support

Arduino UNO breadboard support

SKU: 202008102040

Keeps the Arduino and breadboard in place while you build your prototypes, preventing stress on the wires.

Both the Arduino board, breadboard and breadboard extensions snap in place, no glue, tape or screws required. The base does contain bosses for fastenning the Arduino board with capscrews if desired.

Breadboard fits in frame, no need to use the double sided tape on the back of the breadboard.

Modular design allows adding breadboard supports as needed.

Package comes with the standard support for the Arduino and one breadboard, and an additional breadboard extension.

Additional extensions can be added when necessary for maximum flexibility.

Fits Arduino UNO, Elegoo UNO R3,  and most clones.

Arduino board and breadboard not included.

Designed and manufactured in the USA from durable ABS plastic.

Color may differ from pictures.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    30 day money back guarantee: If not satisfied within 30 days return the product for a full refund.

    Lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects.

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