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Low Level Indicator for Liquid or Solid Media

Low Level Indicator for Liquid or Solid Media

SKU: 202007271605

Originally designed to monitor salt level in water softeners, this indicator is suitable for use with most solid or liquid media.


Red button pops up when media level drops below the level pre-set by the user, resets automatically when media is added.


Neomidium magnet and mounting holes for a bracket make it suitable for installation of a magnetic switch or tilt switch for automation.


Compatible with SmartThings Open/Close sensor and many other magnetic switches.


No electricity or batteries required, actuated by gravity.


Easy to install in less than 5 minutes.


Maintenance free.


6 months money back guarantee – Ensures user can use the product for at least 1 full cycle before deciding to keep it. If not happy with the product for any reason return for a full refund. We will also send you a nylon plug to plug the hole in your tank lid free of charge.


Lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects.


Designed and manufactured in the USA from durable ABS plastic.


Color may differ from what's shown in the pictures.


REMEMBER: If you rent your water softener you may incur a penalty for drilling a hole on the lid.


    If not completely satisfied within 6 months of purchase return the product in any condition. We will refund your payment in full and send you a nylon plug to plug the hole in your brine tank, free of charge.



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